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Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Bottoms

Okay so obviously these bottoms are not just for autumn, but "Autumn Bottoms" just sounds so cute said out loud! On to more important things: what this post is really all about. Although I've lived in Canada for over five years now, it's not until recently that I've really started to accept and embrace the cold weather. I feel like in my early years living here I was an amateur at layering, and I didn't really know how to dress for fall/winter. I don't know what changed or when but in the past few months I've really developed a love (bordering on obsession) for fall/winter fashion, and I'm finding myself putting a bit more effort into dressing myself for school.

Let's have a bit of a cringe-fest first while I tell you what my typical fall/winter outfit has been for the past 3 years - chunky sweater and plain blue skinny jeans on good days, but if I'm feeling really lazy I pull out the classic 'stressed out university student' combo: massive hoodie and sweatpants. A chunky sweater and jeans aren't bad at all, but they're just uninspiring and dull and .... meh when it's your daily get-up. And now although the 'tops' category of my closet could certainly use a re-vamp, I feel like it's in the bottoms department that I am severely lacking some wardrobe staples.

Pretty much the only criteria these pants have to meet besides style is comfort. This is true for clothing I wear all year round, but most especially during the cold months. I refuse to squeeze myself into restrictive, tight, unflattering pants or jeans at 7 AM, a time of day when I am more than easily irritable. I've chosen four of my favourite pant styles, none of which I own at the moment, but all of which will certainly make it into my closet someday within the next four months. I think they are quite good, pretty alternatives to sweatpants, which pretty much always look very sloppy and unpolished on. The ones I've picked out are all comfortable but very stylish options, in my opinion.

Bottoms Up

  1. Disco pants | I wasn't so big a fan of these pants when they first started to become popular among fashion bloggers, but now I am practically desperate for a pair from American Apparel. I have shopped around for good dupes, but everyone says that the AA ones are the best and totally worth the money. I think these would look amazing with a pinstripe T-shirt and a pair of sneakers.
  2. Boyfriend jeans | Distressed ones with the cuffs rolled to the ankles look so effortlessly chic paired with anything. And because they're looser fitting, you don't feeling like your legs are being imprisoned. I envision this with a comfortable knit, cute cutout boots, and a baseball cap.
  3. Faux leather pants | As with the disco pants, I never thought I'd go for these when I first saw them, thinking they'd be impossible for me to pull off. But I think the leather texture really adds to a very simple, classic outfit. I would totally wear these with a huge gray sweatshirt and leopard-print loafers.
  4. Pajama trousers | I am in love with this pajama trouser trend, especially when the pants are in floral or tie-print. These trousers would look so amazing with a plain, loose v-neck camisole tucked in and perhaps a cardigan or blazer on top for some warmth.

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  1. love them all :)

    1. I'm currently obsessing over these styles! x

  2. I love the fourth ones. They look so stylish, especially as it's just nightwear.